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This award winning project was conceptualised very early on with the client and ourselves. We discussed this project during another renovation project we completed for them. With a great working relationship we were entrusted to work with the client's and engineers to design this stunning concrete monument that has become their home.


The internal fit-out design was a moving target throughout construction as the client continually challenged our team with complex features and finishes to which we proudly rose to every occasion. From completely hidden doors, to beautiful internal shadow lines that seamlessly cross through to the outside claddings and soffits. Perhaps the greatest feature is the raw timber and steel stair case, an idea Matt and Josh had long wanted to try on a project but just needed a client bold enough to give it a go. The result is a stunning piece of carpentry artwork that is of millimetre precision. The subcontractors definitely deserve more than a mention, with all of the services run inside pre-finished precast concrete walls, the planning to achieve this was nothing short of exhaustive. All the effort from every person involved and our dedicated clients helped create this masterpiece.


Key subcontractors involved;


LiteCrete Precast, Northside Plumbing, KC Electrics, Shoreload and Propping, Euroview Aluminium Joinery & Collins Plumbing and Gas

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