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Matt and Charlotte came to us with an ambitious renovation and addition by the renowned Shanahan Architects. Talk about intimidating!


The existing house was a very small ornate villa style home to which we built up to, around and over the top of to add another 250m2 to the existing house. This involved careful planning and staging to not only construct the addition but keep the integrity and structure of the existing villa sound during construction.


Matt and Charlotte had incredible taste and a key eye for design which made the finishing pieces very exciting and challenging to achieve. The bathrooms and kitchen are elegant and striking at the same time and finished beautifully.


This project was Josh’s baby, having been trained by one of the best Villa renovation restorers around, this was his dream project and the award winning results speak for themselves.


Excellent teamwork for this one, with the Client, Architect and Project team all pulling together to achieve the result.


Key subcontractors involved;

Northside Plumbing, JC Roofing, DG Painting & KC Electrics

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