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How could we pass up the opportunity to build a contemporary metal clad home that overlooks the rugged and beautiful Kiapara.


We worked with the client and their designer during the preliminary design phases to ensure the design met both brief and budget. One of the services we pride ourselves on at Steadfast is very detailed and accurate budget and cost management. With our advanced pricing software we are able to give our clients fast and detailed costing on all aspects of the project in realtime. For Rob and Esther this meant they could value what was really important to them in the design and sacrifice a few of the less important aspects to ensure their dream home was maximised.


The house features the sharp exterior lines that metal cladding pronounces, which is complemented internally. Beautiful exposed concrete floors feature throughout the entire house continuing the contemporary industrial vibe. With high ceilings and 2.4m high solid doors! The kitchen and dining is welcoming and a great place for the whole (sometimes extended) family to hang out and enjoy the fireplace.


One of our favourite features are the beautiful birch ply soffits with black lighting that perfectly compliments and softens the clean iron cladding lines.


We have since been back to complete some of the external areas that were axed out of the original project. They now have a huge concrete entryway for the kids to ride the bikes and enjoy.


Honoured to have been entrusted to build what is truely a forever home for our client and proud to have achieved another award winning result!


Key subcontractor's involved;


JC Roofing, HT Drainage, KC Electrics & Northside Plumbing

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