We believe the process of creating a home is a personal one, and that no two houses should be the same.

Together we will create a home that truly defines you.

Inspire | Steadfast Construction

You have ideas, dreams and inspirations to have your very own brand new home or stamp your mark on the place you already call home. Bring in your scrapbook, let's throw some ideas around. We believe every project should be unique and specifically crafted to reflect you.

What do you like?

What don't you like?

What MUST be in your home?

Design | Steadfast Construction

Okay, so now we have the vision. It's time to put pen to paper with our highly experienced designers. We will begin with concept drawings and take you through the exciting process of creating your very own home design. The designers, construction team and yourself collaborate to design a home that exceeds expectation without blowing the budget. 

Build | Steadfast Construction

Now the fun begins....

You've been given the fixed fee build price and detailed construction programme.

Let's break ground! 

You can be as involved as you want to be, check in on site daily, weekly, monthly or pick up the keys at the end. Time to relax and enjoy your vision come to life.

Already got plans? | Steadfast Construction

So you already have plans and you're all set to go ahead and build? We can provide you with a fixed fee price complete with a 10yr Master Build Guarantee to build your project. Given our MO is to design and build homes to maximise our client’s budgets, we can offer you extremely accurate and competitive pricing on your already completed design. As a bonus we’ll also provide ideas throughout the build to further enhance your home and keep you on track with costs.

"Steadfast did what no one else said they could. We had dreams to construct a concrete bunker with the elegance and detail only achieved by the most competent professionals."

- Philip & Jeanine, Client



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